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Hi, I'm Laura Jennings and I'd like to welcome you to my site, Dead Mosquito. People always ask me why I'm so happy. And I just tell them I like a mosquito-free life! Growing up in the south like I did, I always hated the constant mosquito bites that came along with living in certain geographic areas. For some reason, they always came after me and not my girlfriends. But over the years I've developed various strategies for combating those little monsters. Some scientists regard the mosquito as the most dangerous animal on earth. I tend to agree. I'll do my best to write informative articles and help you become as happy as I am -- all because I am mosquito free!!

What Are Mosquito Eaters?

Mosquito eaters, because of their name, are thought of eating mosquitoes. But they don’t eat mosquitoes. In fact they do not need to eat at all. At least that is the case when they are adults. When they are still larvae, they do consume foliage and roots. A few species are also believed to consume mosquito larvae. Adult mosquito eaters feed on nectar occasionally, or never feed.

What do mosquito eaters look like?
They look like mosquitoes with very long legs. Against a wall, they sometimes resemble a daddy-long-legs spider, thus, they are also given that alias. Because of their long thin abdomen and overall smallness, they have the tendency to be wobbly when flying. Mosquito eaters vary in size. Depending on the species, their size could range from just a couple of millimeters to almost 4 inches.

Are mosquito eaters pests?
No. And yes. They can be “destructive”, if they are concentrated in one area while they are in their larval state. But that is only because they eat through roots, turf grass and vegetation. Even so, they don’t really make enough damage to consider them as pests. And the adult mosquito eaters can be annoying at times, though, especially when there are a number of them flying weakly around the house. During summer expect the female many mosquito eaters to hang around places that they may find as potential breeding sites. Please do not kill them during this time. If you are really annoyed by them, just make sure your home and room entries are sealed or shut all the time to keep them out.

Are mosquito eaters harmful?
No, not at all. As mentioned, the worst thing an adult mosquito eater can do is to annoy you. They do not suck blood, they would not give you a rash, heck, they would not even bite you because they simply just won’t sting. They are completely harmless – they do not host any viral or bacterial diseases like mosquitoes do. They just want to exist like everybody else.

Mosquito eaters are also called crane flies, daddy long legs, mosquito hawks, skeeter eaters, and sometimes, gollywhoppers. There are more than 4,200 species of crane flies belonging to the family Tipulidae and all of them are known to be very peaceful insects and they are rarely considered as pests. No need to set up traps and kill them.

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