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Hi, I'm Laura Jennings and I'd like to welcome you to my site, Dead Mosquito. People always ask me why I'm so happy. And I just tell them I like a mosquito-free life! Growing up in the south like I did, I always hated the constant mosquito bites that came along with living in certain geographic areas. For some reason, they always came after me and not my girlfriends. But over the years I've developed various strategies for combating those little monsters. Some scientists regard the mosquito as the most dangerous animal on earth. I tend to agree. I'll do my best to write informative articles and help you become as happy as I am -- all because I am mosquito free!!

Mosquito Catcher

Catching mosquitoes can be quite frustrating. What can even be more frustrating is when you could not catch one out of some 20 skeeters flying around your thinking space. If you are tired of chasing them all over your house, then you should get a mosquito catcher.

But why are there lots of mosquitoes in the house to begin with? Mosquitoes are drawn to carbon dioxide and Octenol released by people. They are also attracted to moisture, meaning when they sense perspiration, they immediately think of it as either a source of blood or a breeding place. Mosquitoes also see movement and dark colors. All of these attractants can be found in our homes. It is no wonder mosquitoes always find their way from the lawn all the way into our cozy abodes.

So, since we cannot stop the pests from entering, we should just find another way of getting rid of them. Having a mosquito catcher is the best solution. You can find many different traps from online stores. Find indoor units that have the best customer reviews and ratings to help you determine their efficacy. Look for products that use Octenol or other attractants. Systems that only use light to lure mosquitoes have been proven to be ineffective since mosquitoes are not really attracted to light.

There are other ways of catching mosquitoes. Well, not actually catching them. It is more like killing them on contact. All you need is a keen eye for mosquitoes, quick reflexes, and the handy dandy racket zapper. These racket zappers are perfect if you want to kill the buggers but do not want to invest in a relatively expensive mosquito-catching unit. They are very helpful, very simple to use and they work! You can use it while sitting down inside the house or on your patio where mosquitoes are more frequent or you can chase them around. It’s your choice. Once they touch the electric grid, you will hear a zapping sound – the sound of sweet revenge – meaning they are toast. They would usually just drop dead on the floor or stay on the racket for sometime. If they do the latter, try holding the on button for some time to grill the buggers.

Another alternative is to make your own trap. There is a great recipe floating around on the web that guarantees effective mosquito killing. It is said to be a class project that turned out successful. Anyway the recipe consists mainly of brown sugar, yeast and water. You may want to read up online for the procedures of this DIY mosquito trap.

So quit clapping around and make your life easier and mosquito-free by getting a mosquito catcher…or making one!

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